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Added a page showing the solar tonneau cover on a 1966 chevy show truck

Standard Package contains.
Two full sized 250watt solar panels.
One Charge controller.
One deep cycle battery.
One Inverter.

Price installed, is $3499 Can.

We will fit to any truck . Each installation is custom fit to your truck.This is for an on top of truck bed side installation. A custom flush fit ,like on the 1966 chevy will mean truck has to be onsite while tonneau cover is made and installed and will cost more then standard Solar-Tonneau-Cover. Extra cost depends on the amount of custom fabrication required.

Smaller trucks will require custom fitting to use one panel only.
Mid sized truck Package will include.
One full sized panel (may be bigger then 250Watts)
One charge controller.
One deep cycle battery.
One inverter.

Price installed, is $3499  Can.
Note. You might think that it should be a lot less then two panel system since only one panel is used but the amount of work involved to construct a frame around the panel is much more.