Here are some typical uses for a Solar Tonneau Cover
    Homeowners/renters- in case of power outage you can plug your sump pump in over night.
If the power goes out many people have a cordless home phone that need to be plugged in to work.
    Hunters/ fishermen- power when away from main road- able to boost yourself
    Cottagers- if your cottage has no power then you now can have entertainment, lights, power for a water pump, ability to charge your laptops, cell phones, power tools. And many more.
    Cottagers with power- In cottage country the electricity can be expensive use this free power for the little things like charging laptops etc., etc.
    Campers- no need to get a hydro site. Save the extra money
    Contractors- no need to bring a generator and its fuel, save the mess and bother. The solar power is there when you need it.
     Outdoor Adventurers anytime you are away you can find many uses for power. Perhaps you need power to run tools to make repairs if you have to power on site you may not need to return home to fix your equipment.
There are many more uses for power that can be listed here. This is just a small sampling of how our Solar Tonneau Cover can help you deal with no power or the loss of power.


Added picture showing inside of box. Shows how little room is used by components

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